Tri-Counties Girls entertain Egremont

This was not going to be an easy game. Egremont have a strong side with many training in the Cumbria DPP. Neither side was for taking prisoners or showing any signs of weakness.
The Tigers set the pace with a relentless attack and pinning the Egremont girls to their line. Even tactical kicking didn't help them get beyond their 10m. Eventually, the Tigers broke through for thier first of 4 tries.
It wasn't all one sided and there were spells where Egremont pressed and pushed the Tigers to their own line. However, in defense our girls were strong and brave and worked hard to get back to play after every tackle.
Few teams would survive the onslaught by Egremont and they finally got a try for their efforts.
Tries by Issy (x2, Vale)
Isla (Captain, KLRUFC)
Esme (North Ribb)
Elodi (KLRUFC)
We wouldn't be able to compete at this level if it wasn't for the support of the clubs that make up the Tri County Tigers
Kirkby Lonsdale, North Ribblesdale, Garstang, Vale of Lune and Kendal.

Pictures courtesy of Tim Hancock