Keswick 5- Kirkby Lonsdale U16 22

On another spectacular autumn’s day Kirkby were away to Keswick, weather conditions were good, a crisp sunny day with temperatures around 6C although the chilly breeze made it feel much colder. Kirkby started slowly and with hands numbed with cold there were a number of knock-ons and fumbled passes early on in the match. Keswick were faster to find their form and in the first few minutes pushed down the left wing then quickly moved the ball to the right wing to score a well-executed try in the corner; 5 nil. The lads responded well to this set back winning a scrum 10 metres in Keswick’s half, the ball came out of the scrum and was passed to Will who with excellent hands scooped up the low pass and shifted the ball out to Sean who then weaved through the middle of the Keswick pack to score close to the posts. Will converted the try making the score 7 – 5. Keswick piled on the pressure from the restart and Kirkby had to defend a number of attacking waves. Deep in our half Bill stole possession and made for the right wing then passed to Alex who made good yards forward before passing to Sean who with a magical kick and chase scored his second try; 12 – 5. Keswick came back with renewed vigour and over the next 8 minutes won two line outs 5 metes out from our try line, in both line outs Keswick retained possession but were driven back by a determined Kirkby pack. At half time the score remained 12 – 5 to Kirkby. Early in the second half Luke had a brilliant kick and chase run from the middle of the pitch down the left wing. Luke sprinted away from the Keswick defenders to reach the ball just as it rolled over the try line and out of play in the left corner, inches away from what would have been a spectacular try. Kirkby kept the pressure on driving deep into Keswick’s half, which soon resulted in a line out for Keswick 5 metres close to their try line. With Matty lifted high he managed to disrupt the line out resulting in Keswick fumbling the ball into open space whereupon Jack seized the ball and dashed over the line for a try. 17 – 5. Kirkby continued to have the better of possession and territory and were soon running hard down the right wing with the ball finally passed to Daniel. With quick pace Daniel managed to skim along the touch line and dived for the try line as he was being tackled. The tackler managed to stop Daniel crossing over the try line but Daniel skilfully reached out with the ball in one hand to touch down in the right corner. This was the last try of the match with Kirkby winning 22 to 5. A good effort from all the lads today, the defence was strong and in attack there were some good runs, although there were a few times where potential overlaps were not properly exploited, something to reflect on in the next training session. Man of the match was Matty who was fantastic in defence and the line outs. A special bucking bronco award goes to Jack who late on in the second half decided he had enough running in defence and simply hopped on the shoulders of the large charging Keswick prop to catch a brief ride around the middle of the pitch; eventually jumping off with a large grin on his face as the prop came to a halt in exhaustion!