International Tickets

Please take the time to read this message before clicking through to the form

KLRUFC’s aspiration on selling our allocation of tickets is to ensure that it is fair and equitable to all stakeholders; ensuring that fans of rugby are able to get to see and support England at Twickenham at least once per season… provided that applications are received in time.  We will not charge a premium on tickets, about the £5 admin and handling fees.  Many of our Players/Patrons/Sponsors would like to attend more than one game and we try to support that also if demand allows.

Currently the club is investing heavily in new facilities, so we are taking a more favourable view on sponsors for spare allocation than for previous years and appreciate your understanding and support.  

The RFU have changed the process of applying for tickets a number of times in the last 5 years, some times we’ve done really well and sometimes we haven’t.  However, to date, we have not failed to meet our aspiration.  If you have any concerns then please feel free to contract me or anyone on the committee directly.

KLRUFC fully supports the RFU in the policy to stop tickets being passed on to touts.  Essentially, you must guarantee that you will never sell on any tickets allocated to you.  That doesn’t mean that you cannot give them as gifts to friends and family, but I must know the name and address of those attending.

Below is the link for the new application form.  but before you go:- I will need contact details, and I need to retain these for a short period after the game, but they will be destroyed as soon as I am sure the RFU has no issues with our tickets.