Development at KLRUFC

As many of you know, plans were passed for substantial extensions and redevelopment of the exising clubhouse and the immediate environment.Some of this work has already been carried out including the new road into the site, better and more parking and the creation of the mini pitches.

Whilst we have the enthusiastic support of the RFU and The Rugby Football Foundation as well as other external funders,we have found ourselves the victim of a severe cut back at government level to other sources of funding and where we were confident of being successful in these applications, we were knocked back.

A different approach has therefore been taken and instead of developing the clubhouse as we initially proposed we are know going to phase the development work and to start with, we have identified the kitchen as the area most in need of an upgrade. Permission has been granted for the alteration to the original consent, building regulations have been given and we are now ready to plan the building process.

Whilst we have been grateful to those good and kind enough to make donations, this money alone will not cover the cost of the build and so we are in the process of applying for grants that we believe are more obtainable and as this money becomes available we shall keep you informed and provide some indications as to the timescale for the work to take place.